Learning and Knowledge Ecosystems

We build on the CEF's know-how in becoming and being a learning organization by sharing recommendations on how to embark on a journey of becoming a learning organization. We provide learning activities for public officials to acquire competencies to start practicing principles that foster a learning and knowledge sharing culture within their teams and institutions by putting people first. We encourage them to embrace a systematic approach to effective knowledge exchange and knowledge management. At the same time, we offer opportunities to gain knowledge and skills in learning methodologies to organize and deliver effective learning events. These capacities positively influence organizational performance and ensure that officials’ work meets the quality requirements expected by key stakeholders. In developing activities, we use design thinking and other collaborative approaches and highlight the importance of lifelong learning.

Topic lead

Ajda Turk

Officer, Leadership and Learning Ecosystems


2024 Highlights


In 2024, we highlight the importance of systematic approach towards knowledge management and how public institutions can become learning organizations. Through different learning opportunities, participants will learn how to prepare a knowledge management strategy, and design and facilitate a dynamic and engaging learning and knowledge sharing event. They will also develop other learning and knowledge sharing competencies, and be actively engaged in knowledge exchange sessions. We will share our know-how on how to become a learning organization, and engage public official in collaboration and peer-to-peer learning (e.g. through Network of Regional Experts). We will advocate the value of lifelong learning and continuous vocational education and training (VET). We aim to ensure public official’s professional development for the institutions being competitive and well-functioning learning organizations.

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