Unlocking the Power of PIFC Digitalization: Harnessing Benefits and Lessons Learned from BIH Case

Sep 19 – 20, 2024 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina No Fee
Aug 11, 2024 Auditing

About this learning event

This workshop will explore the advantages of implementing the PIFC informatization, drawing from the experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The benefits include consistent application of Financial Management and Internal Audit across all public sector organizations, streamlined processes with standardized data, and forms customized to specific organizational needs. Mandatory phases ensure thorough risk management and internal audit processes, while changes in subsequent phases are reflected consistently throughout. The automatic generation of forms and reports eliminates manual data rewriting and processing, providing real-time reports.

Additionally, the workshop will delve into lessons learned, emphasizing the importance of a well-structured organizational hierarchy, utilizing existing databases for institutional registers, acknowledging the time investment required for testing and pilot implementation, simplifying Financial Management and Control (FMC) requirements, and emphasizing the use of standard processes and codebooks for data consolidation. The application's flexibility for codebook modifications, annual reporting questions, and data import/export from related systems will also be discussed.

Moreover, we will also hear from the Dutch colleagues about their expertise and advancements in PIFC automatization. This collaborative effort aims to encourage cross-cultural learning and facilitate the exchange of best practices. The workshop aims to integrate these valuable insights from the Dutch experience, contributing to a more comprehensive discussion on the advantages and challenges associated with these initiatives.

Who should attend 

The event is designed primarily for public officials working in the central harmonization units of the Ministry of Finances and also other officials closely related to PIFC.


  • Danijela Stepić, Chief State Treasurer, Ministry of Finance of Croatia
  • Experts from the Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
  • Regional and international experts


          This learning initiative is supported by:

          Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Ministry of Finance, Slovenia

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