Visualizing Data – Creating Interactive Dashboards

Apr, 2024 Online No Fee

About this learning event

In an increasingly complex and sophisticated financial landscape, the supervisory role heavily relies on timely access to data. However, data wrangling, constructing models, and analyzing results form only one aspect of bank surveillance. The other equally important aspect in macroprudential supervision and policymaking involves communicating the results to the central bank’s board, financial institutions, and the wider public. When drafting reports or presenting stress-test results, it is highly important to visually present the data through meaningful figures, interactive dashboards, and infographics. At this webinar, we will discuss how to find meaningful relationships within large data series and use data visualization tools to communicate findings effectively.

Who should attend

Participants from all areas of central banking, regulatory bodies, and finance and line ministries, who wish to gain new insights and ideas about how to bring their data to life.


This learning initiative is supported by:

Bank of Slovenia