Data and Analysis

We support public officials in developing their capacities to provide high-quality data and carry out analyses for improved policy-making processes. The effort includes strengthening the analytical skills for compiling and disseminating macroeconomic statistics and/or carrying out macro/micro-economic analysis and forecasting.

We engage officials from ministries of finance and line ministries in further learning about the impact assessment of policy measures and monitoring the implementation of the reforms. We also support the learning of the central banks’ staff in the areas of macroprudential policy making and monetary policy making.

Topic lead

Jovana Koloski

Specialist, M&E/Program


2024 Highlights


In 2024, we are continuing with the initiatives focused on impact assessment and key performance indicators, to strengthen data-driven decision-making. We will explore these topics through different learning formats such as webinars, online courses, workshops, and knowledge products, with an emphasis on regional and country-specific contexts. Additionally, we will enhance our efforts to support officials in central banks and other related institutions, addressing topics such as financial stability, quantitative methods in credit risk management, and data visualization. We will also continue focusing on statistical issues, with this year's emphasis on payment statistics. Furthermore, auditors will have the opportunity to strengthen their analytical skills, in line with current challenges in the field of data analysis.