Data and Analysis

We support public officials in developing their capacities to provide high-quality data and carry out analyses for improved policy-making processes. The effort includes strengthening the analytical skills for compiling and disseminating macroeconomic statistics and/or carrying out macro/micro-economic analysis and forecasting.

We engage officials from ministries of finance and line ministries in further learning about the impact assessment of policy measures and monitoring the implementation of the reforms. We also support the learning of the central banks’ staff in the areas of macroprudential policy making and monetary policy making.

Topic lead

Jovana Koloski

Specialist, M&E/Program


2023 Highlights


In 2023, officials from central banks will discuss their Macroprudential Policy Analysis approach, very important topic when facing the current challenges in banking sector. We will continue with the workshop on Financial Statistics, a topic that is a precondition for successful compilation and understanding of financial accounts. Decision making based on data will be included in couple of initiatives for ministries of finance, line ministries and other institutions and officials involved in ERP preparation process: impact assessment of reforms will be analysed through manual, toolkit and structured learning initiatives targeting certain country, while selection and monitoring of KPIs and their role in assessment of reforms will be discussed through manual and blended learning course. In our program, we will also include topics like Fiscal Data Governance and Data Visualization.