Impact Assessment and Monitoring Implementation of Structural Reforms

Mar 8 – Dec 31, 2024 online No Fee

About this learning event

This online learning platform will be open for participants to join throughout the FISR2 project. It will provide relevant material and self-paced courses to support individual learning and professional development. Each course will include a test, indicating the participants that successfully finished the course. Certain courses will be a mandatory prerequisite for attending a workshop. 

On this platform, we will also present the Manual on economic impact assessment of SR measures in ERPs and the Manual on selecting  Key Performance Indicators for Monitoring the Results of Structural Reform Measures in ERPs.

On the impact assessment part, the aim is to equip participants with an understanding of different options and methodologies on how to perform impact assessment. A spreadsheet-based Impact Assessment Tool and examples of quantified impacts from North Macedonia's ERP will be presented. 

In the field of monitoring the outcomes of structural reforms, the platform will include examining all stages of setting and tracking key performance Indicators (KPIs), i.e. identifying, assessing, choosing, presenting KPIs, and analyzing changes in their values during implementation. 

Who should attend

ERP Coordinators, ERP preparation working group members from line ministries and ministries of finance are welcome to join this platform.


This event is delivered as part of the EU-funded multi-beneficiary project “Structural Reforms Better Integrated Within Fiscal Frameworks” (FISR2) implemented by the CEF.

Funded by the European Union