Sectoral Policymaking

We promote a structured discussion and analysis of sector-specific policies by strengthening the capacities of line ministries (LMs) to position them within the wider policy planning frameworks. We build capacities to assess fiscal implications of various sectorial policies and discuss how to integrate them into budgetary planning frameworks. We particulary focus on structural reforms, and strengthening LMs capacities to describe, sequence, prioritize and negotiate them. Our activities also look into how the relationship between LMs, ministries of finance and other central government planning bodies (e. g. Prime minister’s office, policy secretariat) can be more coordinated and strengthened.

Topic lead

Tara Poje

Officer, Learning Program


2024 Highlights


Building upon the conclusions from a close and intensive cooperation over the previous years, in 2024 we continue with providing support to the process of Economic Reform Program (ERP) preparation across the Western Balkans and Turkiye, in its new cycle for 2024-2026. In particular, we will focus on dilemmas related to the labor market and education system structural reforms, to ensure their adequate planning, sequencing, costing and budgeting.