2nd IMF/EC/SEE Annual Coordination Meeting (by invitation only)

The IMF provides technical assistance (TA) in the areas of Public Financial Management (PFM) and Revenue Administration to EU candidate countries in the Western Balkans under an EU-funded TA program Strengthening Economic Governance and Public Financial Management in Southeastern Europe. As part of the program, the IMF and the European Commission (EC), represented by the Directorate General for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR) jointly hosted an annual coordination meeting, which provided the opportunity to convene high-level officials from the region to discuss progress made and to agree on future reform priorities. The Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF)—which hosts the two program advisors—facilitated the second annual meeting as was done in the previous year. This year’s event was designed to facilitate feedback from high-level officials in the beneficiary countries with an emphasis on what has been achieved to date under the program and their expectations and priorities for the program for the next financial year and beyond.



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