Apr 15, 2024

Advancing Talent Retention and Knowledge Sharing in Public Institutions

As part of the EU-funded WeLead: EU Scheme for Young Professionals in the Western Balkans project, we recently visited various public institutions in Montenegro and discussed the need for strategic human resource development and investments in talent retention, especially among young civil servants. In parallel, we also delivered a workshop where participants explored the art of preparing engaging learning knowledge sharing sessions.

Jana Repanšek, CEF Director, and Svetlana Laušević, Strategy Officer, met with high-level representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Central Bank of Montenegro, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Spatial Planning, Urbanism and State Property, and Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA).

All parties acknowledged that building a strong retention strategy starts with strengthening institutional human resource capabilities and creating an environment where talent can thrive. This includes smarter engagement of young public officials through appropriate organizational culture, learning, and knowledge ecosystems, which can accelerate the delivery of institutions’ mandates. It is essential for young public officials to have a meaningful and visible role in their institutions, and for public institutions to foster an environment where they can unlock and realize their potential. These discussions are driving positive change, and positioning the region to tackle brain drain in its public institutions effectively.

While in Montenegro, Ana Frangež Kerševan, Tina Žagar, and Nataša Purgaj, members of the CEF team,  also successfully delivered training of trainers. The combination of hands-on exercises and interactive methodologies proved to be highly effective, capturing the attention and engagement of participants. They found great value in being able to immediately apply the concepts discussed to their professional endeavors, leading to a tangible improvement in their presentation skills. “This was one of the best training which I participated in to date. It involved great practical work, useful techniques, and methods that I can apply in my work and improve my presentation skills and public speaking abilities.”, concluded one participant. 

This visit took place during the week of April 8-12, 2024. It reflects our dedication to fostering cooperation and knowledge exchange. Simultaneously, it aims to enhance our collaborative relationship with Montenegro.