Promoting Central Bank Governance, Risk Management, and Communication in a Changing Landscape

Sep 17 – 18, 2024 Chisinau, Moldova No Fee
Aug 5, 2024

CEF/NBM/IMF Regional conference for Central Bank Board Members

About this learning event

At this conference, we will focus on recent developments in central bank governance, providing valuable insights for both executive and non-executive board members. The aim is to foster discussions among representatives from participating central banks, enabling them to share their experiences and perspectives on governance practices. Additionally, we will identify key areas for potential follow-up, ensuring that board members are well-informed and prepared to address future challenges and opportunities in central bank governance.

Specific topics that will be discussed at the event:

  • Central bank governance and transparency
  • Legal framework and developments
  • Role of executive and non-executive board representatives
  • Risk management and internal audit
  • Cyber security and fintech

Target audience

Attendance to the event is limited to the executive central bank board members as well as non-executive representatives from supervisory boards and/or audit committees, and potentially board secretaries.


This event is delivered as part of the National Bank of Moldova–Institutional Transformation into a Learning Organization (NBM LearnOrgLab) project implemented by the CEF. The event is supported by:

Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Slovenia's Development Cooperation Ministry of Finance Slovenia
National Bank of Moldova International Monetary Fund