CEF Advisory Board and Partners Meetings (by Invitation)

Sep 4, 2018 Ljubljana, Slovenia No Fee

CEF Advisory Board is a consultative group of experts from our donors and partners that assists us in designing and in coordinating the delivery of our activities. In addition to the Advisory Board members, the CEF cooperates with a variety of other partners – multilateral and bilateral organizations, knowledge institutions and peer organizations–that share our commitment to the region’s reform efforts by contributing resources and top-quality expertise to the CEF’s programs.  We regularly consult with them to create synergies and leverage our resources. Thus the CEF helps expand the reach and impact of their and CEF’s efforts.

This year, the meeting of partners and the Advisory Board are organized back-to-back from September 3-4, 2018.

At the meeting, the participants will make an overview of the capacity development needs in public financial management, tax policy and administration, and central banking in the CEF constituency. They will also identify synergies for future cooperation.