Jan 5, 2016

The CEF Learning Events Raise Awareness of the Budget Execution Processes in SEE

We collect value-creation stories to better understand the impact of our activities on the work of individual participants, as well as their organizations. According to the Wenger-Trayner conceptual framework, a change in behavior traverses different cycles, providing an account of how learning initiatives have created value for participants, their organizations, and stakeholders. We talked with Fran Ibrahimi, who has attended some of our learning events.

"I am well aware of the role of CEF as a knowledge hub that supports capacity development for finance officials in South East Europe through learning. I attended a few learning events and I find CEF's learning program very useful. Its learning activities help professionals exchange experience and get in touch with best practices of other countries.

I would like to mention budget execution processes of some countries in the region, that serve as good examples and public finance officials in Albania are following and trying to implement in order to improve ministry's internal procedures, as well as monitoring and reporting endeavors.

I am looking forward to participate at future CEF learning events to further improve knowledge on topics that concern my work."

Fran Brahimi
Director of Directorate of Budget Management
Ministry of Finance