Nov 25, 2023

CEF Team Rounds Up Its Activities in November in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Wrapping up a month filled with dynamic initiatives, the CEF team successfully concluded various learning and networking activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina throughout November. This period of intense engagement showcases our commitment to nurturing a culture of continuous learning and capacity development within the economic reform and leadership domains.

Continuing our commitment to EU candidates and potential candidates, we were happy to reconnect with the public officials involved in the Economic Reform Programme (ERP) process in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the delivery of the “Structural Reforms from the ERP 2024-2026 into Budgets” workshop, we focused on boosting the capacities of line ministries in crafting structural reforms, estimating implementation costs, and identifying key performance indicators, all aligned with the latest EC Guidance. Under the guidance of the CEF experts Tijana Stanković and Merdža Handalić Plahoonjić, participants worked on translating theoretical frameworks into tangible and impactful actions for the success of the ERP 2024-2026 planning process. This workshop was delivered as part of the EU-funded multi-beneficiary project “Structural Reforms Better Integrated Within Fiscal Frameworks” (FISR2) implemented by the CEF.

While in Sarajevo, CEF Director Jana Repanšek attended the High-Level Policy Dialogue “Attractive and Skilled Public Service Fit for Future” organized by the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA). Ms. Repanšek delivered a keynote speech discussing how public institutions can transform into vibrant hubs of continuous learning, bringing new momentum to the effectiveness of the public sector in the Western Balkans. The High-Level Policy Dialogue brought together ministers from the region, high-ranking representatives from the European Commission responsible for public administration reform, youth representatives, and civil society organizations to address crucial aspects essential for the sustainable and inclusive growth of the region and its path towards EU integration.

The CEF team concluded their visit with the implementation of two key events: the workshop "WeLearn: Leadership Styles and Their Applications" and the "WeExperience: Intra-regional Study Visit" in Sarajevo. Both events were delivered as part of the EU-funded "WeLead: EU Scheme for Young Professionals in the Western Balkans" project. Participants engaged in discussions on effective leadership, explored diverse leadership styles and gained insights into organizational culture, essential leadership skills, and collaborative problem-solving within teams. The workshop provided a platform for participants to share institution-specific leadership challenges, fostering a broader perspective on effective leadership.