Feb 13, 2017

CEF Visited Belgrade

The CEF team visited Belgrade on February 1-2, 2017, to share project information with the interlocutors relevant for implementing the “Strengthening Financial Management Functions of Line Ministries” project in Serbia.

A central coaching session was held in partnership with the Serbian Ministry of Finance and five line ministries. The participants reinforced the importance of learning through networking and agreed on the proposed steps for the first project activities. 

The CEF team also met with the representatives of the Serbian Human Resources Management Agency (HRMA), and discussed innovative approaches to training civil servants, including online learning. The representatives of the HRMA confirmed that Serbian central government civil servants are highly motivated to participate in the project that supports learning in the area of public financial management and focuses on coordination skills, and provided the necessary information for planned online learning activities. 

This visit re-endorsed the need for the SAFE funded project for line ministries and set the path for Serbian civil servants’ active involvement in the project.