Jan 27, 2021

Discussing Learning Priorities with North Macedonian Deputy Minister of Finance

Serving as a knowledge hub for finance officials, we are constantly identifying new learning opportunities in consultation with many recipient institutions and partners. An example of such endeavor was also a recent online meeting with Mr. Dimitar Kovachevski North Macedonian Deputy Minister of Finance and his staff. We were intrigued by the overview of the public finance reforms and learning needs in North Macedonia they shared on the occasion.

Deputy Minister Kovachevski reiterated satisfaction with the CEF learning program, its extremely relevant projects and continued assistance in the capacity development of the Ministry staff. He presented the CEF staff a detailed overview of the impacts of COVID-19 pandemics to the North Macedonia public finance, the ongoing budgetary reforms, and the needs for capacity development of the Ministry staff. Mr. Kovachevski also thanked the CEF for being a valuable partner in supporting the professional development of public sector accountants in their country as part of the ongoing internationally recognized professional qualification program “Public Accountants Certification Training”. In conclusion, Mr. Kovachevski said: "All the projects delivered by the CEF are highly regarded by our Ministry and we look forward to our continued cooperation."

The meeting was also a good opportunity for the CEF staff to engage in a conversation with Macedonian counterparts and attain high level of details relevant for the CEF program planning and assisting North Macedonia on its public finance reform path. Mr. Kovachevski and his staff will continue to update CEF on their specific learning priorities and needs.

This online meeting took place on January 22, 2021.