Performance Management in Public Institutions

Jun 4, 2021 Ljubljana, Slovenia No Fee
Jun 1, 2021

Since the 1980s, many organizations have replaced the terms' performance appraisals' and 'performance evaluation' with the word 'performance management.' Performance management systems emphasize the link between individual behavior and organizational strategies and goals by defining performance in the context of those goals. In other words, performance is determined by what is valuable to the organization.

About this learning event

Considering specifics of public sector organizations marked by constrained managerial autonomy and red tape, we will explore how HR departments in public institutions approach an employee and team performance guided by the notion that modern work is increasingly becoming team-based. Therefore, current and future HR policies needed to achieve institutional results will target not only how people work but also how they work together.

We will also explain why transplanting performance strategies from the private sector are too simplistic and potentially unsuccessful in mission-driven institutions. We will debate the changing relationship between HR departments and line managers and their joint role in influencing employee and team motivation, attitudes, and behaviors.

What you will learn

This webinar will be an opportunity to discuss similarities and differences between traditional performance appraisals and advanced performance management systems. More specifically, we will explore how HR departments, line-managers, and subordinate staff interact, divide distinct roles, and manage and deliver on expectations in their joint pursuit of the organization's mission.  Informed by the pre-event survey results, we will discuss several regional examples.

How you will benefit

This learning initiative will apply participatory learning design, combining short subject matter presentations with an answer and question session built to ensure active engagement.

By the end of the webinar, participants will have:

  • Received insights on crucial concepts of performance management in the public institutions
  • Discussed how performance management systems are applied throughout regional ministries, central banks, tax administrations, and other public institutions.

Who should attend

This learning initiative is designed for mid-to-senior HR professionals of ministries, agencies, and other public-sector organizations interested in benchmarking and advancing their HR policies. Feel free to bring this webinar to the attention of colleagues who may find the discussion relevant.


The webinar will be delivered by:

Natalia Zabolotny, Director of Department of Strategy, Organisation, and Human Resources, CEF Coordinator, National Bank of Moldova

Practical information

  •    When:   June 04, 2021, at 10:00 — 11:30 CET.  Access will possible 15 minutes before the official start.
  •    Where: from the convenience of your computer or smartphone. To participate in this webinar, you need to install Webex Meetings on your computer or smartphone. This will take only a minute but may require you to inform your system administrator.


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance, Slovenia