Financial Management and Control Beyond Ministries of Finance

Webinar: June 2, 2017IOnline, 10:30-12:00 am CETIAccounting and Auditing

Despite tangible gains in setting up the legislative frameworks for public internal control (PIC) in many SEE countries, there are difficulties with the materialization of the expected benefits of improved financial management and control (FMC). Current reform efforts in many countries remain largely technical, rather than managerial and FMC-related interventions are frequently made in isolation from broader budgetary and public administration reforms. Moreover, the ownership over the reform process between the MoF and the line ministries remains blurred.

Starting from the strategic approach to PIC implementation from the MoF level to operational practice in the line ministries, this FMC webinar series aims to progressively elaborate the implications of PIC reforms and offer further insights on the preconditions that need to be in place for effective implementation of FMC concepts.

Building on the CEF’s Financial Management and Control in SEE learning initiative delivered in June, 2016, the series will include three interconnected webinars in 2017.

About the FMC webinar series

The objectives of the FMC webinar series are to:

  • Promote understanding of the context and importance of FMC reforms for good governance and accountability
  • Explain the concepts and framework that provide the theoretical underpinnings of PIC and FMC
  • Explore and distinguish the levels and respective roles and responsibilities in harmonization of PIC between MoFs and line ministries
  • Explain additional responsibilities that FMC imposes on managers and appropriateness of existing management structures
  • Make clear the benefits of FMC
  • Explore the links between public administration, public finance management and public internal control reforms
  • Inform future policy and action plan formulation

First webinar topics

The first FMC webinar takes a broader, strategic perspective and focuses on the topics of:

  • Good governance and accountability are essential to effective FMC
  • FMC is a management reform, not just a financial control reform – is there sufficient awareness of the implications?
  • Identifying the benefits of introducing FMC

Special attention will be given to dissemination of regional perspectives and experience.

First webinar faculty

The faculty for the first webinar will include:

Noel Hepworth, Independent Public Policy Professional

Manfred van Kesteren, Senior Advisor Auditor, Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands 

Nihad Nakaš, Senior Program Advisor, Center of Excellence in Finance

Who should attend

  • Senior and operational staff in ministries of finance (Central Harmonization Unit, budget department, treasury department)
  • Senior and operational staff in central government line ministries (secretaries, officials responsible for public service delivery: e.g. police services, defense, health, education, etc., heads of finance departments, heads of internal audit departments) 
  • Senior public officials responsible for design/implementation/monitoring of Public Administration Reform strategy, Public Finance Management reform strategy, and/or Public Internal Financial Control strategy

Practical information

When: June 2, 2017, at 10:30 — 12:00 am CET – the webinar session will open 30 minutes before the official start.

Where: From the convenience of your own computer, tablet or smartphone.

Language: English

Duration: up to 90 minutes

This webinar is free to join. Please feel free to bring this webinar to the attention of your colleagues who may find the discussion particularly timely and useful!

How to join

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This learning initiative is supported by:

Ministry of Finance Slovenia Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands