Mar 12, 2021

Former CEF Management Board Members Meet Virtually

As we move further into our 20th anniversary year, we are taking time to revisit the events that have over the years shaped our operations and importantly contributed to our present success. One of such events was also the Inaugural Meeting of the first CEF Management Board held on March 1, 2001.

From the establishment of the CEF in 2001 till 2015, the CEF Management Board members closely monitored the work of the CEF, provided routine supervision of its financial activities, and offered guidance and support when needed. Members of the Board included representatives of the founder, i. e. Government of Slovenia represented by Slovenia's Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Board members were instrumental in getting us where we are today as they played a crucial role in supporting us in changing the status to an international organization with global outreach in 2015.

To express gratitude for remarkable joint achievements and thank the Board members for supporting us move through various stages of the transformation, we gathered former members of the CEF Management Board virtually on March 11, 2021.