Sep 17, 2021

Knowledge Sharing Session: Bulgarian National Revenue Agency Explains Their Approach to Online Learning

We have witnessed a rapid move to online learning as a result of the pandemic in many parts of the world. Our constituency in South East Europe was no exception in this regard. We were happy to host representatives from the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency (NRA) to learn from each other’s experience regarding the organization and facilitation of online events.

During the meeting our colleagues from the NRA shared with us how they have adapted their organizational learning culture and addressed capacity development needs of their staff through online learning opportunities. Ms. Rositsa Vassileva, Head of Training Department at the NRA, and her team explained how they approach design and delivery of the online courses and which online learning platforms they use to facilitate learning.

We also shared our story how we have adapted to the new circumstances and overcame the challenge executing the learning program for 2020 in the online environment. “Although from the outside, it might seem that our team managed these extreme circumstances with relative ease, great efforts were needed to make the CEF 2020 story a success. This is why in our adopted approach the personal focus was in fact the first and most important one. In the end, 2020 proved to be quite a remarkable year. We carried out 74 learning and knowledge sharing activities, attended by 2,526 participants – a 51% increase compared to 2019.” explained Jana Repanšek, CEF Director.

We also talked about the risk factors to be addressed in such sudden transitioning to online learning, shared insights how we applied many innovative approaches to make the learning in online environment engaging, and explained the functionality of our Online Learning Campus

As a learning organization, we are convinced that such knowledge sharing sessions provide a valuable opportunity and a relevant insight into how other institutions deal with similar challenges and how they adapt to new circumstances. 

This online knowledge-sharing session took place on September 17, 2021.