Jul 22, 2021

Learning about Combating Fraud and Corruption by Having Fun

Our recent online course explored the safety nets and risks to reform implementation related to anticorruption and fraud approaches. An EC awarded, interactive game-exercise encouraged and motivated participants to develop their ability to recognize the red flags of fraud and corruption by being more attentive and responsive to hints from the environment. One of the participants who joined us on the occasion was Ms. Dana Šarčević, Senior Expert Associate for Financial Control at the Bosnian Ministry of Finance and Treasury. We are happy to share her thoughts on this learning experience.

“The integrity of auditors and their role in identifying fraud should not be underestimated. Rather the opposite – we need to approach it very seriously. Part of my work is closely related to fraud and corruption detection and prevention activities, which is the main reason why I found this training relevant for my professional endeavors and advancement of my knowledge and skills in this area.

I would like to thank the CEF for organizing the training on Integrity in the Implementation of Structural Reforms. The training was organized as an online course, bringing together participants from several countries. Since online environment can be limiting in its nature, I expected this to be a one-way communication, even a boring activity, but to my surprise, it was not like that at all. Thanks to our trainer Jo Kremers, all participants were very interested in the presentations and all related course activities.

We had many interactive and game-based exercises with elements of competition leading to the announcement of a winner in the end. In my opinion, all of us were the winners, because we had the opportunity to learn something new in a very fun way. We also had to work in teams, which additionally motivated us to collaborate and learn together. We benefited from an exchange of experiences that all participants shared from their daily practices. We had the opportunity to get to know new and useful IT tools as well as how the internet and social media can make our daily work easier.

My recommendation to all interested participants is to attend this training in the future and take advantage of this opportunity because you will really learn many new things.”