May 29, 2017

Learning Initiatives Raise Importance about Thorough Audit Investigation

Edna Bojić, internal auditor at Ministry of Finance and Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina reflects about her experience with our learning initiatives and how this implies on her work. She emphasizes the importance of intuitive thinking in auditing process.

I attended the CEF learning initiative on Tackling Fraud and Corruption in November 2016, which expanded my perspective as an internal auditor and made me understand that auditing issues can have roots deeper in the ‘’double-checking’’ control. I realized that as a forensic auditor I have to use intuitive thinking based on my own professional skepticism, since ‘’first sight’’ information is not always what it seems. After the CEF course, I always consider the possibility of a fraud risk, and when I disclose irregularities, I try to provide more proof and evidence to ensure that such findings are not intentional and will not lead to ‘’double-checking’’ on suspicion of fraud. The workshop showed me where to direct my skepticism and how to recognize and distinguish human factor errors in various procedures of fraud and corruption. (Surely, there is always an inherent risk of human factor errors, but some of them could be made with intention.)  

The lecturers made a great presentation on corruption and encouraged us to double-check the given information in a system lacking sufficient transparency. I appreciated the CEF facilitator’s participatory learning techniques, including the quiz and interesting cases that alerted my attention and encouraged absorption capacity. For example, I preferred group activity in solving tasks where we could react by expressing ourselves on the one hand, and jointly prepare the answers as an experienced fraud investigating team on the other hand. This session enabled me to reflect on my role as an internal auditor in order to recognize its importance and willingness to follow the best international practices in internal auditing, and also to see the internal audit process from a different perspective.

Last but not least, I realized that my job and engagement can make a contribution to better tackle fraud and corruption issues in the institutions where I am performing audits.   

Edna Bojić Internal auditor
Central Internal Audit Unit
Ministry of Finance and Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina