Apr 24, 2018

CEF and IMF FAD: Synergies between Learning Events and Technical Assistance

The CEF currently hosts two IMF Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD) technical assistance advisors, covering public financial management and revenue administration. FAD advisors are funded by the EU-financed program to support economic governance and public finance management in six pre-accession countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. Vitor Gaspar, Director of Fiscal Affairs Department at the International Monetary Fund on excellent collaboration between the two institutions:

“The very productive working relationship between the IMF FAD and the CEF has been in place for more than 15 years. The success of this partnership is underpinned by the shared determination and enthusiasm to support Public Financial Management and Revenue Administration reforms in South Eastern Europe. This success comes from the purposeful blending of FAD’s on-the-ground technical assistance with the regionally based learning opportunities delivered by the CEF.

In addition, FAD continues to utilize the CEF as a regional hub for its technical assistance delivery by basing its resident advisors for Public Financial Management and Revenue Administration in the CEF office in Ljubljana. We are committed to continuing this partnership to support the economic governance and public financial management reform programs for SEE countries.” Source: CEF Annual Report 2017

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