May 7, 2018

How PACT Training Contributes to Transparent and Accountable Public Finances

Marina Joveska Blažeska, Head of Budget Coordination Unit, Macedonian Ministry of Finance, shares her reflections on what she, and her institution have achieved by taking part in the Public Accountants Certification Training (PACT) program.

The Public Accountants Certification Training (PACT) program was a great opportunity for me to improve my knowledge and skills and enhance my professional development. This is important to stay competitive in our profession. The goal of this program is to develop capacities for transparent and accountable public finances.

It is a serious program and it took us a lot of effort and time to achieve the expected results. The training course consisted of theoretical and practical parts and exams for every module that had to be passed in order to receive a certification or a diploma.

The program was divided into two levels: the certification level that consisted of three modules and the diploma level with four international modules. Both combined theory and practical experience that we had to comprehend in order to pass the exams.

For me the second level of training was more difficult than the first one. The material was more complex and considering my professional and personal obligations, it took me more time to prepare for the exams.

Participation in the certification and diploma training program encouraged me to stay interested in my everyday work by implementing new skills and thus improve my work performance. Although experience is a great teacher, we tend to do things that we already know, without risking trying out something new. This training program helped me and my colleges to advance the body of knowledge and skills in the accounting profession, refresh our knowledge and capabilities, and keep pace with the current standards.

The participants enrolled in the training came from different institutions, which gave a good opportunity to enlarge my professional network. We are all still in contact and consult on issues that occur in our everyday work. This training program certainly improves the quality of public finance management in my country.

Participation in the CIPFA program has given me vital skills to go further in my career. The program is excellent and I am truly happy to take part in it. The PACT is excellence for providing competences and skills to the staff in charge of public finance management. It teaches how to implement a modern accounting approach, establish an effective accounting function in the public sector and improve the quality of public finance management.