Apr 14, 2017

Open Online Platform for Line Ministries

The CEF has established an online learning environment where the finance officials of line ministries from around South East Europe can come together and learn from each other to improve their work performance.

Under the SAFE funded project Strengthening the Financial Management Functions of Line Ministries, we have established an online learning platform to engage the finance officials of line ministries from seven EU pre-accession countries (IPA II) in expert dialogue and regional knowledge exchange. Using a participatory approach to learning, the platform will serve as the go-to place for officials wanting to share their knowledge and study different approaches from around the region in order to tackle professional challenges in the area of public financial management. The CEF’s role will be to facilitate such communication by guiding, suggesting and connecting officials, experts and representatives of the donor community. The platform will also feature information on the upcoming CEF workshops, webinars, news, blog posts, videos and other publicly available resources.

We invite line ministry officials from South East Europe to explore the platform and engage in dialogue with us and their peers by posing questions, commenting and sharing information. This way, we will all actively contribute to the further development and increased relevance of the knowledge platform. You can access the platform here.