May 11, 2017

Our Next Blended Learning on Fiscal Programming is at the Doorway

In the next few weeks we are going to engage officials from SEE ministries of finance and line ministries in a joint reflection on challenges they experience with assessing fiscal impacts of structural reforms, and preparation of Economic Reform Programs (ERPs) and Stability and Convergence Programs. We are starting the learning initiative that is combined of e-learning and workshop with an online learning phase at the CEF Online Learning Campus.

The learning event on Fiscal Programming of Structural Reforms will consist of three e-learning units and a three-day workshop. In the online phase participants will learn about the overall context of budget and policy planning, as well as the related EU reporting. They will examine the underlying processes and good practices, while also appraising the benefits of fiscal coordination. In the subsequent 3-day workshop they will examine in detail the practical tools and methods for assessing fiscal implications of structural reforms, and their consolidation into strategic fiscal documents, such as ERPs . The workshop will provide a ground for sharing experiences and best practices between participants and thematic experts from the SEE region, and beyond. 

This event is part of the SAFE funded project Strengthening the Financial Management Functions of Line Ministries. We start with the kick-off webinar on May 15, and will conclude with granting the certificates on June 15.