Apr 16, 2021

Public Accountants in North Macedonia Successfully Continue to Learn Online

As part of the Public Accountants Certification Training (PACT) in North Macedonia, we have successfully delivered several learning and knowledge-sharing activities. Due to the ongoing pandemic, North Macedonian public sector accountants have been attending this professional training program fully online through our Online Learning Campus.

Together with a team of seven local and four international tutors, we developed a comprehensive online learning curriculum for two international certification modules, Financial Accounting (FA) and Management Accounting (MA). In total, thirty-five participants have engaged in learning about the main processes involved in financial accounting and about the principles of costing and budgeting and their use in providing information to support the management’s decision-making. In cooperation with experts from Chartered Institute for Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), we also organized two additional webinars where we addressed how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced accountants’ work in the areas of FA and MA. Learning activities for each module were spread across two months.

To benefit fully from the comprehensive training curriculum, we put special focus on its design and provided participants also with ample opportunities for live interaction, immediate feedback, and peer learning. During delivery of both modules, we have ensured participants also had consultation sessions with tutors that helped them prepare better for final module exam sitting. We would like to congratulate all successful candidates who passed the exam for the FA module.

The PACT program in North Macedonia is financially supported by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Slovenian Aid.