Jun 8, 2021

Governor Isărescu Hands Over the Chairing of the CEF Governing Board to the Slovenian Minister of Finance Mr. Šircelj

The annual meeting of the CEF Governing Board was held online for the second consecutive year as the COVID-19 pandemic still impedes travels. At the meeting, Mr. Mugur Isărescu, Governor of the National Bank of Romania, concluded the one-year rotating chairmanship of the CEF Governing Board and handed it over to Mr. Andrej Šircelj, Minister of Finance of Slovenia. His chairing of the CEF Governing Board will also coincide with Slovenia’s presidency of the Council of the EU in the second half of 2021.

The Board’s members confirmed the CEF’s 2020 annual report and financial statements. During the meeting CEF Director Jana Repanšek also presented the progress made and key achievements of the closing 2017- 2021 strategy cycle. As an example of joint success, she pointed to the Methodological Guidance for Costing of Structural Reforms that the CEF team prepared together with the regional experts. This guidance was accepted by the European Commission and became part of the Economic Reform Programme guidance.

In continuation, Ms. Repanšek also talked about the CEF’s 2022-2026 Strategic Direction which is a result of a series of consultation meetings with all CEF staff, CEF Governing Board and other relevant staff of member institutions, CEF Advisory Board, CEF Coordinators and also many other partner institutions. She thanked Board members for their contributions to this consultation process as these inputs will help us continue deliver learning and knowledge sharing programs tailored to the regional needs. Or as Ms. Repanšek put it: “We have never understood better what we need to do in order to support CEF members’ institutional capacity development.”

Ms. Repanšek also explained the Governing board members the CEF methodology in support of institutional capacity development. The methodology addresses six areas of what it takes for an institution to become a learning organization to effectively manage knowledge.

The meeting concluded with the Board members confirming their interest in developing their institutional capacity for knowledge management and development of strategic human resources function in their respective institutions.  

As leaders in learning we are looking forward to inspire public officials as individuals and teams to shape institutional governance and to contribute to the development of successful economies and fair societies in our constituency.

The annual meeting of the CEF Governing Board took place on June 8, 2021.

The CEF Governing Board is a decision-making body of the CEF. It confirms the CEF annual report and financial statements, reviews the progress made and other relevant issues. Members of the Board comprise ministers of finance and governors of central banks from the CEF members (Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Slovenia). Members of the Board are also 3 representatives of the Advisory Board.