Nov 23, 2017

Slovenia Published Its Second Citizens Budget

The CEF participated in the drafting of the second Citizens Budget of the Republic of Slovenia.

Citizens Budgets are designed to present key public finance information to a general audience. They are typically written in accessible language and incorporate visual elements to help non-specialist readers understand the information. Citizens Budget for 2018 of the Republic of Slovenia was issued in November 2017. Citizens Budget was for the second time in a row prepared by the Ministry of Finance and the CEF. The Citizens Budget for 2018 uses similar format as the Citizens Budget for 2017. It highlights the 2018 state budget priorities, major revenue and expenditure items and general budget information that are important for the Slovenian public.

The CEF has been in the recent year actively promoting strengthened fiscal transparency through its learning program for finance officials. We held a webinar on Strengthening Transparency through Citizens Budgets in April 2017. At the webinar, Slovenia presented Citizens Budget for 2017. Participants also received tips by the International Budget Partnership (IBP) for conceptualizing, preparing, and disseminating Citizens Budgets.

In South East Europe, more countries are employing different techniques to help the general public understand the budget. Ministry of Finance of Macedonia presented its first Citizens Budget for 2017 and aims to continue this practice in the future. In addition, Ministry of Finance of Albania  presented their Citizens Budget for 2017 which included visuals.  In 2014, Montenegro also prepared interactive visualization of budget.

Citizens Budget of the Republic of Slovenia for 2018: Slovene version and English version.