May 28, 2019

The CEF and Slovak Ministry of Finance Jointly Support Public Accounting

The CEF and the Slovak Ministry of Finance Successfully Cooperate in Development Projects in South East Europe. The Ministry provides funding of the Public Accountants Certification Program (PACT) project through UNDP Partnership for Results in the International Development Cooperation, Public Finance for Development Program. Eva Goncalvesova, Director General of the International relations section at Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, gives insights about the joint efforts towards improved public finance management in SEE.

„The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic feels privileged to contribute to the reforms, as we can participate in the process, which turns ideas into reality. We accompany our partners in unpacking the complexity of the public financial management, which enables us to witness the changes in government organizations. Our public accounting and reporting endeavours have also been complemented by the trainings provided by the CEF. With the Public Accountants Certification Program (2018 - 2020), financially supported by the Slovak Ministry of Finance, CEF is able to add diversity to the long-term capacity building efforts of the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro. Both the CEF and the Slovak Ministry of Finance deem this technical assistance project to be very beneficial. We have the opportunity to work in participatory manner to strengthen leadership skills and technical knowledge. Moreover, we aspire to contribute to Montenegro´s ability to independently run continuous certification trainings for public accountants.“