Jan 31, 2020

Training for Public Sector Internal Auditors in Georgia

The second official meeting of the Localization Working Group was held in Borjomi, Georgia within Training for Internal Auditors in Public Sector (TIAPS) Georgia project. TIAPS is part of the Public Financial Management in the South Caucasus project supported by the GIZ.

Holding the meeting outside the capital enabled the working group members to bond and hold discussions in a more relaxed atmosphere. This resulted into more in-depth points of views and directions for further work.

Goal of the localization process is to achieve independently and sustainably running program for training of Georgian public internal auditors. International expert, Ana Krsmanovic, Head of the Central Harmonization Unit at Ministry of Finance, Montenegro shared a complete overview of eight years of cooperation in the TIAPS Montenegro project and reviewed potential risks and challenges associated with the launching and implementation of the project.

The localization working group (LWG) members (among which are representatives of the MoF and its Academy, Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Civil Service Bureau, GIZ, and the CEF) discussed the Order on Establishment of the LWG, analysed the existing situation of the state internal financial control system in Georgia, and exchanged experiences related to the certification in other countries.

Group members from the CEF, Tamara Simić and Ivana Nedizavec Korada represented the CEF and its best practices from similar projects, as well as highlighted the importance of identifying accountable members and their responsibilities within a given time-frame.

The meeting was held on January 23-24, 2020, as a result of which the group determined follow-up activities and updated the action plan. 

Recently a group of Georgian Public Sector Internal Auditors held a study visit to Slovenia as part of the pre-Training of Internal Auditors in the Public Sector in Georgia.