Training of Trainers: Knowledge Sharing Methodologies, Tools, and Skills for OECD Staff (By Invitation)

Dec 14 – 15, 2022 Paris, France No Fee
Dec 1, 2022 Leadership for Managing Reforms

About this learning event

This training of trainers (ToT) is designed for a smaller group of participants who will explore different learning methods and tools, and learn how to design and facilitate dynamic and engaging learning activities.

Participants will have a chance to try them out in a safe environment and receive feedback from peers, learn about the principles of effective public speaking, and hone their presentation skills. They will practice the delivery of powerful presentations and the use of verbal and non-verbal communication. In addition, they will get to know how to distinct and recognize different learning styles, acknowledge their specifics, and select and apply different facilitation styles.

One of the elements of this workshop is discovering evaluation techniques and creating a safe and motivating learning environment.

By the end of the event, the participants will:

  • Understand the most critical elements needed for the successful delivery of the knowledge sharing activity
  • Be aware of different learning styles and understand their implications for learning
  • Explore how to create a safe and motivating learning environment
  • Know how to use body language to improve confidence
  • Look into different feedback methods to monitor participants’ satisfaction with the knowledge sharing activity
  • Gain insight into their own strengths and identify areas for further improvement

Target audience

This training has been designed for OECD staff interested in brushing on presentation skills and learning how to make learning and knowledge sharing activities more efficient and engaging.


This ToT will be delivered by:

  • Ana Frangež Kerševan, CEF
  • Tina Žagar, CEF
  • Maja Tomšič Pavlič, CEF


This learning initiative was supported by:

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Ministry of Finance Slovenia