Nov 28, 2018

Training-of-Trainers Workshop for Egyptian Internal Auditors

As part of the project ‘Support to Public Finance Management Reform in Egypt’ that we run jointly with Expertise France, we delivered a Training of Trainers Workshop for Internal Auditors. At the workshop we familiarized participants with our tailor-made training-of-trainers methodology, so that they will be able to share knowledge and promote peer-to-peer learning in the area of public financial management.

The Training-of-Trainers Methodology standard package is a set of soft skills needed for tutors in the CEF certification programs in the SEE region. It is used for training and preparing future tutors for their work with students. The workshop held in Cairo on November 20-22 has been adapted and focused more on the role of internal auditors in their everyday work at the ministry.

At the workshop led by CEF Program Officer, Ana Frangež Kerševan and Internal Audit Expert Tina Toman Pfajfar, participants from Ministry of Finance reflected on the principles of adult learning, learning styles and the role of the facilitator. They also talked about how participants can give engaging lectures and keep the attention of the audience. The participants were very much interested on how to apply discussed aspects into real life situations like presenting an internal audit report to a certain audience (e.g. minister, auditee…). The skills of a tutor may be different than those of an internal auditor so it is important that participants are aware of them in their everyday work.

The overall objective of the ‘Support to Public Finance Management Reform in Egypt’ project is to support the efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and transparency of the Ministry of Finance. The specific objectives are to support the development of an overall strategic public finance management (PFM) reform plan, to support the ministry`s capacity building on PFM components and the implementation of specific PFM reform actions, and to support the development of IT systems for PFM components.