Dec 23, 2022

Ministry of Finance of North Macedonia on a Study Visit at CEF

We are wrapping up the 2022 learning season with a study visit of a group of officials from the Ministry of Finance of North Macedonia. This visit is part of our efforts to support the Ministry of Finance of North Macedonia in establishing and running the Public Finance Academy which is envisaged as a take-over institution for running the public accountants' certification training program.

During the visit, CEF director Jana Repanšek presented the journey of the CEF’s transformation and growth from a regional to an international organization. Ms. Repanšek explained how the CEF became a leader in applying people-centered learning approaches and developed its own know-how for becoming and being a learning organization. “Practicing the six blocks of the methodology for becoming a learning organization, has accounted for our organizational growth and an increase in the overall scope of our activities. We are now ready to support institutions we work with in South East Europe to transform into learning organizations in their own right. These institutions are increasingly recognizing the need to invest in organizational knowledge management as institutions' strengths come from the knowledge and networks they belong to.” emphasized Ms. Repanšek.

We were also happy to share with North Macedonian colleagues our experience in creating an annual learning and knowledge sharing plan, and monitoring its implementation. We explained how we approach methodological design to create interactive and participatory learning experiences for all participants. During our discussions, we also presented different communication channels and tools we use to illustrate the immediate impact and long-term results of our work and to showcase the region’s successes.

This study visit was an excellent opportunity to establish contacts and exchange inspiring ideas for further cooperation. It took place on December 22-23, 2022, and was delivered as part of the Public Accountants Certification Training (PACT) project. The PACT project in North Macedonia is financed by the Ministry of Finance of Slovakia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia through Slovenian Aid.