May 16, 2022

Why Joining Accounting Certification Program Is a Good Idea

Sasha Sashek Gosheva, Director of Sector for Financial Affairs at the Customs Administration, shares her experience as a Junior Tutor of the Public Accountants Certification Training (PACT) program in North Macedonia, highlighting the benefits and effects on her further work.

“My first encounter with the PACT program was as a student. The training that I attended significantly enriched my experience and knowledge in the field of accounting, primarily in relation to IPSAS standards. The lecturers were always open for communication, ready to offer advice and share their knowledge, and give prompt and precise responses. And not only to the questions related to particular topics but also within all spheres of their competence. The students were motivated and dedicated, we established strong cooperation ties and have continued to communicate closely, sharing information and experience. 

My greatest impression from the program was the approach to the learning process: the methodology of learning through specific case scenarios, examples and exercises, references to contemporary literature, and the excellent theoretical background provided.

Having excellent results as a student contributed to my further engagement as a junior tutor in the PACT program. I approached this engagement with great enthusiasm and this experience opened a leeway for new achievements, significantly enriching my professional resume. At the workshop in October 2021, I was involved as a tutor for Public Finance, more precisely “The Basics and Classification of Public Revenues and Expenditures and Budget of the Republic of North Macedonia”.

Although the classes were held online, my job as a tutor was to help the students overcome any difficulties they may have had in learning the material, as well as to help them improve their academic skills. In order to facilitate a better understanding of the material, all questions from the scripts with explanations were provided to the students, and they were encouraged to actively take part in the process by raising questions and jointly discussing the dilemmas related to the topics. 

From my perspective, the experience acquired is tremendous, whereas the challenge and pleasure to pass on knowledge to someone else and help them develop in their professional life is priceless. Under the PACT program, I had the opportunity to establish both professional and friendly relations with a large network of inspiring, creative and dedicated professionals, with whom I hope to continue successful and profound cooperation in future. 

My motto is “Never stop learning and the success will inevitably come.”. All goals are achievable – with committed and persistent work. I always seize all opportunities in education, and in this case it was through the PACT program, provided by the CEF, CIPFA and the Ministry of Finance of North Macedonia. To all those who consider getting involved in the PACT program – I’d recommend not to hesitate to do so, because it is about investing in yourself.”