Planning and Leading Organizational Change

Workshop: September 25 – 27, 2018ILjubljana, SloveniaILeadership for Managing Reforms

This workshop addressed leadership and management capacities to promote change. It equiped participants with a practical toolkit, empowering them to successfully plan and lead change in their institutions and elsewhere.

The larger the organization and the bigger the change, the less likely that the change will be viewed as a complete success. Many government and public-sector organizations are large and they are under pressure to make big changes. In addition, government and public-sector organizations perform complex functions which have results that are hard to evaluate. This means that many changes in the sector are not seen as successful.

Because of the need to improve how it undertakes change, the public sector has been at the head of the race to create frameworks for effective organizational change processes. These organizational change processes help in the creation or modification of the systems and structures that allow people to adopt new or modified behaviors.

The sessions were a mixture of input-sessions, group exercise and discussions. Small case-studies were used throughout the workshop to help with learning. Attendees were strongly encouraged throughout the organization to relate what they learn to real changes in their own organizations.

What have you learned?

At the end of the workshop, participants:

  • Appreciated a range of approaches that can be taken to planning and leading change
  • Have a good understanding of the practical tools to help plan and implement change
  • Are better able to plan a complex change and use appropriate approaches to bring about effective change
  • Understand and are better able to manage resistance to change in their organizations.

Who attended?

This workshop was aimed at public sector officials and professionals who are responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of change initiatives at ministries of finance, line ministries, central banks, tax administrations, and other public institutions dealing with public financial management. 


Brendan McCarron

Brendan is experienced, internationally recognized management consultant with clients in the public and private sector across Europe, Middle East, Africa and the USA.

He is a Director of McCarron Heal Ltd who specializes in consultancy and practice around: leadership, outcome management; project delivery and benefits realization; change and improvement, and; risk. He is an Honorary Senior Fellow University of Birmingham School of Government and Politics. 


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance Slovenia