Training-of-Trainers on Financial Management and Control

Dec 11 – 13, 2018 Ljubljana, Slovenia No Fee

Being committed to our unique role as a knowledge hub, we pay particular attention to identifying individuals who can build upon and replicate the knowledge acquired at our learning initiatives. Through our train-the-trainer approach we help public finance officials develop confidence and skills for delivering dynamic, engaging and effective learning activities, and strengthen their ability to share knowledge domestically and internationally.

What you learnt

This learning initiative familiarized participants with our tailor-made training-of-trainers methodology, so that they would be able to share knowledge and promote peer-to-peer learning in the area of Financial Management and Control (FMC). The aim was to strengthen the capacities of leading FMC experts in our constituency and involve some of them as co-facilitators and co-lecturers in our future deliveries of learning initiatives on the topic.

The event provided a frame of reference for understanding how learning works at the CEF and what does a facilitation of group learning involve. We reflected on the principles of adult learning, learning styles and the role of the facilitator. We also talked about how participants can use participatory methods in their learning sessions and meetings, give engaging lectures and keep the attention of the audience as individuals learn most when they are actively involved in the learning process. We also considered implications of non-verbal communication, importance of giving feedback and creating a safe and stimulating learning environment as well as strategies for managing participants’ specific needs and expectations.

What were the benefits

Participants were encouraged to share their opinions, recognize and encompass different perspectives and work in teams by applying participatory and peer-to-peer learning methods.

By the end of this workshop, participants:

  • Learned about the specifics of adult learning
  • Developed a better understanding of the CEF’s participatory approach to learning
  • Learned how participatory learning methods are applied in practice
  • Improved knowledge of what facilitating group learning with diverse adult learners entails
  • Received advice to help you develop the confidence to take a lead in a knowledge sharing activity and become a good content-facilitator

Who was it for

This training-of-trainers event was designed for mid-to-senior level officials working at the Central Harmonization Units (CHUs) on FMC activities and require developing skills and confidence for delivering participatory and reflective learning activities and contribute to our efforts of promoting regional knowledge and experience exchange. Coordinators at the internal audit departments in line ministries who co-operate with CHUs to improve the internal audit operations were also welcome to join.


Ivona Simić, founder of HR Team, has worked in the HR development and training programs for over twenty years, being the lead trainer on numerous projects, particularly the trainings designed for future trainers. Simić designed and implemented the program not only in the companies she worked at, but through her consulting work as well. Since the founding of HR Team, more than 3000 employees have participated in Simić’s training for future trainers. Simić also facilitated soft skills training programs for companies such as Telenor, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Idea, Adidas, Raifffeisen Bank, Procredit Bank, World Bank Group, USAID and others.


This learning initiative was supported by:

Slovenia's Development Cooperation Ministry of Finance Slovenia