Enhancing Written and Oral Communication

Workshop: May 22 – 24, 2018ILjubljana, SloveniaILeadership for Managing Reforms

To successfully convey messages in a world overloaded with information, officials need to be versatile communicators. You need to formulate concise and easy-to-understand messages, prepare for specific audiences, and use credible examples in texts and speeches. At live presentations or in written responses to journalists’ questions, you also have to use a variety of techniques for managing difficult questions. Political factors, legal constraints, and media scrutiny, only add to the complexity of the challenge. Guided by top international experts and employing modern audio and video equipment, this workshop offered an opportunity to practice communication skills in a relaxed, engaging and trusting environment.

What was covered?

Through a combination of brief lectures, small group work, and plenary discussions, we focused on the most fundamental aspects of professional communication – writing and speaking.  

We learned how to develop and strengthen the content of your most important documents. We strived to make your writing clearer, concise and more effective. To confidently engage with the audience in public presentations or meetings, we also addressed the most essential communication techniques including the use of body language, and handling nerves.

While the course focused on communications in English, many have found its principles directly and immediately applicable to their local languages.

How you benefited?

At the end of the workshop participants:

  • Understand key elements of excellent communication,
  • Understand the power of using credible examples
  • Know how to use body language to improve confidence
  • Be able to establish clarity in your writing
  • Know how to outline, organizing and highlight key messages 
  • Know how to guide the reader through sentences and paragraphs
  • Understand the importance of editing
  • Know how to avoid bureaucratic language
  • Enhance your editorial style and consistency
  • Know how to use formatting

Who attended?

The workshop was designed for public officials in ministries of finance, line ministries, central banks, or other government agencies, who are involved in preparing and/or editing annual budgets, macro-fiscal documents, economic reports, and other strategic documents. Officials who work on inputs for such documents (e.g., program managers, planning and financing experts, heads of departments, and communications experts) were also invited to attend the workshop.


Mary Gregg, Irish Revenue

David Curtin, Carr Communications


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance, Slovenia Carr communications