Achieving Internal Audit Quality with the New IPPF

Webinar: January 31, 2019IAuditing

Taking into account the evolving dynamics of learning that the online environment is offering, we are pleased to engage with internal auditing professionals across South East Europe (SEE) and broader also by complementing our face-to-face knowledge exchange events with a series of webinars on selected topics.

What was it about

In the context of changes that that became effective in 2017 and led to the update of International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF), this webinar was intended to share insights about the IPPF’s mandatory guidance on continuous development of the Quality Assurance and Improvement Programs (QAIPs). Such programs corroborate effective functioning of internal audit activities which in turn add value in supporting its organization’s governance processes and improving its operations. Quality in internal audit is determined by an obligation to meet stakeholder’s expectations as well as professional responsibilities outlined in the IPPF’s Standard 1300 – Quality Assurance and Improvement Program.

The webinar was the opportunity to discuss requirements introduced in the revised IPPF Standard concerning the QAIP and how these affect the work of the internal auditors. We  also discussed the question of how the QAIPs contribute to increasing the credibility of the internal audit activity both within and outside the organization. In this regard, the reasons for investing in establishing and maintaining an effective QAIP covering all aspects of the internal audit activity were highlighted.

What were the benefits

This learning initiative applied participatory learning design, combining subject matter presentations with answer and question session built in to ensure active engagement of the webinar attendees and to optimize learning outcomes.

In particular by the end of the webinar, participants:

  • Received insights on revised requirements of the IPPF’s standard on QAIP
  • Understand the need for continuous development and improvement of QAIPs
  • Explored the question of what desirable outcomes for internal audit quality are

Who was it for

This learning initiative was designed for internal auditing professionals of ministries, agencies and other public-sector organizations in the SEE countries who are interested to learn how a systematic approach trough QAIPs to the internal audit activity can help anticipating and meeting stakeholder expectations.


  • Anja Bajcar, Budget Supervision Office, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Ljerka Crnković, Central Harmonization Unit of the Croatian Ministry of Finance
  • Daniela Danescu, Board Member of IIA Romania



This webinar was free to join

When: January 31, 2019, at 10:00 CET - the webinar session opened 30 minutes before the official start

Duration: 90 minutes

Where: From the convenience of your own computer at the CEF Online Learning Campus (

Language: English


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance Slovenia Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Slovenia's Development Cooperation