Tax Coordinators' Meeting - Developing Knowledge Sharing Culture

Jan 20, 2021 Online @ 10 a.m. CET No Fee
Jan 19, 2021 Leadership for Managing Reforms

With bi-annual online meetings, we will offer Tax Coordinators a platform for developing ideas, sharing knowledge, and learning from each other. In doing so, our aim is to help them strengthen their capacity for systematic knowledge sharing in the long term. As we know that internal readiness for such changes needs to be built patiently, we want to continue with such practice also in next years.

What will you learn

As knowledge sharing is an important aspect of knowledge management that contributes to enhancing organizational learning, enhances employees’ performance, and improves cooperation between organizations and individuals, we will help you recognize that learning and knowledge sharing are crucial sources of value creation in each institution. You will strengthen your capacity for systematic knowledge sharing.

The World Bank methodology on Organizational Knowledge Sharing, which should enable organizations to share knowledge, will be introduced to you. In doing so, two capacities are crucial:  enabling environment and the skills for high-quality knowledge sharing. We will discuss both with the purpose to understand their interconnectedness and their complex nature. Moreover, we will help you connect two points: where you are and where they want to be in institutional knowledge sharing. Connecting these two points means bridging the knowledge gap.

You will have an active role from the beginning until the end of the learning process by being engaged in agenda design, preparations, and delivery. This will enable you to address real needs, help learn from peers’ experience, and build your own learning loops.

Learning process during the meeting will be supplemented by hosting experts. They will provide short interventions and comment on your ideas.

This learning initiative will be delivered in English, and highly participatory. You will be encouraged to share your experiences and country practices.

Who should attend

CEF Coordinators from Tax Administrations and their colleagues who are interested in learning processes are invited to participate. 


  • Hans Verschraagen, Tax And Custom Administration, the Netherlands
  • Norman Gillanders, CEF Affiliated Expert


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands