Measuring Tax Administrations' Functional Performance

Apr 14, 2021 Ljubljana, Slovenia No Fee
Apr 8, 2021 Leadership for Managing Reforms

The main functional goal of tax administrations (TA) is to achieve maximum compliance from taxpayers while minimizing compliance costs. At this webinar, participants will debate target setting and measurement of functional performance. They will focus on considerations that every TA should have in mind: measuring performance needs to be accompanied by performance target setting and actions to achieve these targets; consequences for over/under-performance (holding managers accountable), and informing the organization's resource allocation and priority setting.

What will you learn

Participants will discuss indicators and procedures that are relevant for the functioning of TA units (registration, filing and risk-based performance in arrears collection and audit), taxpayer services, disputes, and costs of tax collection. Internal tracking of a tax administration’s performance will be presented as an important management practice.

Participants will have an opportunity to learn from experiences of former chief executive officer at New Zealand Tax Administration with rich experiences from assignments in countries of South East Europe. His presentation will build on experiences from 15 assignments in South East Europe giving an in view in challenges these countries are facing especially with reporting and poor quality of tax payer registries related to limitations of IT systems. In addition, the presentation will address aspects related to accountability and performance of managers.

Former IMF Tax Administration Reform Advisor for South East Europe will focus on some theories of Performance Management. Particularly he will discuss that performance management must be performed in different levels and measures must meet certain criteria and be aligned to key performance indicators. He will also discuss the distinct difference between output and input measures.

Who should attend

The webinar is designed primarily for senior management of tax administrations.  Other public officials from tax administrations and finance ministries are invited to join. 


The webinar will be delivered by:

  • Bob Russell, consultant and former Chief Executive Officer, New Zealand Tax Administration
  • Steffen Norman Hansen, CEF Affiliated Expert and former IMF Tax Administration Advisor for South East Europe
  • Pieter-Jan Visser, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
  • Bernie Komduur, Special Advisor, Tax Administration, the Netherlands
  • Jules Beneken Genaamd Kolmer, Coordinator, Tax Administration, the Netherlands


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands