The Role of Central Harmonization Units in PFM Reforms

Nov 8 – 9, 2022 Ljubljana, Slovenia and Online No Fee
Oct 20, 2022 CEF Governance and Outreach, Auditing

The main objective of this course will be to jointly with the Central Harmonization Units (CHUs) review their crucial role and challenges they experience in the implementation of wider reforms of public financial management (PFM).

About this learning event

Many countries are in the process of preparing, implementing or amending reforms in their public administration, civil service, public financial management and economic governance. CHU play an important role in PFM reforms, more specifically in the area of public internal financial control (PIFC). The workshop will discuss the key role of a CHU in the right sequencing and effective implementation of relevant PFM reforms. It will entail a lot of knowledge sharing and an active exchange of approaches among the participants.

CHUs have an important role in developing PIFC systems; they develop methodologies and standards for internal audit and financial management and control (FMC). To effectively carry out their role, CHUs need to be empowered to develop and promote internal control and audit methodologies, managerial accountability and internal audit.

In this initiative, we will discuss why all stakeholders need a strong CHU that undertake a proactive role in PFM arrangement and support change in public sector institutions. We will on one hand explore the complex nature of various PFM reforms and the need to harmonize and intertwine PIFC approach at all levels of government. We will also talk about tools and strategies CHUs employ, review them, and build upon the experiences and lessons learned from SEE countries.

This learning initiative will be highly participatory. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and  their country practices. They will actively discuss the factors that can have a positive impact on the success of PFM reforms.

By the end of the course, the participants will have:

  • Gained understanding how to contribute to PFM reforms as a CHU
  • Gained understanding on the importance of building different relationships with crucial stakeholders
  • Exchanged experience on how to advance the CHU role in leading PFM reforms
  • Recognized opportunities for cooperation with relevant managers on leading PFM reforms

Who should attend

This workshop has been designed for managers of CHUs, officials from ministries and other public institutions involved in designing different PFM-related reforms, and internal audit professionals.

Practical information

This learning initiative will be delivered in English, and highly participatory. Please feel free to bring this workshop to the attention also to your colleagues who may find the discussion particularly timely and useful.


This learning initiative will be delivered under the guidance of :

  • Arjan Vos, Head of the International Affairs Department, National Academy for Finance and Economics, Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
  • Rodney Betoryna, Central Governmental Audit Service, Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
  • Vanina Kalemi Jakupi, Director of the Public Finance Management Directorate, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Albania
  • Alastair Swarbrick, Senior Policy Advisor, OECD SIGMA
  • Pilar Ormijana, Senior Policy Advisor, OECD SIGMA


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Ministry of Finance Slovenia SIGMA - OECD
Ministry of Finance and Economy, Albania