CEF Tax Coordinators' Meeting: Developing Knowledge Sharing Culture

Nov 14, 2023 Online No Fee

This webinar is the final activity of the initiative for developing a knowledge sharing culture in tax administrations, started in 2021. A series of webinars help participants recognize the numerous benefits that knowledge sharing brings to every individual, team, and institution. Participatory webinars offer Tax Coordinators a platform for developing ideas, sharing knowledge, and learning from each other. In doing so, we aim to help them strengthen their capacity for systematic knowledge sharing in the long term.

About this learning event

A systematic approach to learning directly affects the institutions’ performance, helps them achieve better results faster, and creates competitive advantages. Together with CEF tax coordinators, we will discuss possible ways for strengthening their capacity for systematic knowledge sharing, explore how it needs to be developed as a mental model change, and examine how to change the attitude and behavior of staff.

This webinar will be the last activity of the initiative for developing a knowledge-sharing culture in tax administrations, designed and delivered with CEF tax coordinators. During the first five webinars, we identified the most crucial topics, which need to be addressed to bridge the gap in achieving institutional knowledge-sharing. After managing IT development, existence, and operational use of an information system or IT components during the second meeting, the third focused on staff development. The fourth focused on the legal systems and law procedures in tax administration, while the fifth webinar discussed the importance of developing high-trust relationships and leadership in tax administrations. 

During the last webinar of the initiative, we will discuss how to develop and sustain the culture that encourages and enables the free exchange of knowledge, insights, and experience as it drives a business toward the achievement of key strategic institutional goals. Practical examples of knowledge sharing within tax administrations will be discussed.

The specific topics we aim to cover at this webinar include:
-    Knowledge acquisition
-    Knowledge documentation
-    Knowledge sharing and transfer
-    Strengthening the culture of lifelong learning
-    Collaboration and intercommunication

Who should attend

CEF tax coordinators and other staff at tax administrations, responsible for training tax officials


  • Ajda Turk, Officer, Leadership and Learning Ecosystems, CEF


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance Slovenia