Managerial Accountability (I/II): The Role of Internal Audit and Central Harmonization Units

Sep 26, 2023 Online No Fee

About this learning event

Strengthening governance and accountability is crucial for SEE countries to establish stability in their economic, political, and social environments. Managerial accountability ensures responsible and efficient use of public funds for their intended objectives. However, it requires significant cultural and managerial changes, along with motivated and skilled management ready to make operational decisions and take risks.

The main objective of these webinar series is to raise awareness and understanding of how managerial accountability can be practically enhanced in public sector institutions.

What you will learn

In this first webinar,  will explore  how internal auditors and CHU officials can enhance their understanding of managerial accountability and support institutional change. We will also address challenges in developing accountability in areas like human resources, finance, procurement, and asset management. Additionally, we will delve into how countries have made core process adjustments for managerial flexibility.

The webinar is designed  to actively engage participants and foster interactive discussions. The lecturers will encourage participation from attendees, allowing them to share their insights and experiences. Additionally, the participants will benefit from the expertise of experts from the region, who will provide valuable insights on the topic of enhancing managerial accountability in their public sector institutions. This regional expertise will bring diverse perspectives and practical knowledge, enriching the overall learning experience for participants

Who should attend

This learning initiative targets heads of internal audit departments, senior internal auditors of ministries, agencies, and other public sector organizations, senior officials in Central Harmonization Units, and officials in the first and second lines.


  • Arjan Vos, Head of the International Affairs Department, National Academy for Finance and Economics, Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
  • Melek Öncü, Programme Manager, National Academy for Finance and Economics, Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
  • Rodney Betorina, Resident Twining Advisor in Skopje, Central Governmental Audit Service, Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
  • Mite Mitevski, Ph.D., Assistant Head of Department for central harmonization of the internal financial control system in the public sector, Ministry of Finance, North Macedonia
  • Davor Kozina, Head of Service for Coordination of internal control system development ,Central Harmonisation Unit, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Croatia
  • Noel Hepworth, Public Policy Professional
  • Pilar Ormijana, Senior Policy Advisor, OECD SIGMA


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Ministry of Finance Slovenia Ministry of Finance, North Macedonia
Ministry of Finance, Croatia SIGMA - OECD