Meeting of PR Professionals

Sep 28, 2023 Online No Fee

About this learning event

This event is specifically designed for public relations (PR) experts from various public institutions in the region and beyond. It will serve as a platform for professionals to come together, exchange experiences, and explore collaboration opportunities with their peers.

During this meeting, our main focus will be on sharing approaches and strategies that are instrumental in driving success in the field of public relations. We will delve into best practices and successful strategies that enhance the visibility and public perception of our institutions' work, enabling us to create a lasting impact.

What will you learn

  • We will explore the challenges and experiences faced by PR professionals, and we will address them through engaging and interactive group discussions. They will provide a forum for identifying the most common challenges and collectively brainstorming effective solutions. The insights gained from these sessions will offer valuable takeaways that can be applied in your daily PR endeavors. Moreover, small group discussions will provide an opportunity for you to forge potential collaborations, share resources, and establish meaningful and ongoing communication channels.
  • We also recognize the paramount importance of effectively promoting our work to citizens. Therefore we will dedicate a segment of the gathering to exploring innovative strategies for communicating projects, reforms, and laws to the public. This segment will enable participants to share successful campaigns, reflect on valuable lessons learned, and exchange best practices that have yielded positive results.
  • Establishing both formal and informal networks are pivotal in the ever-evolving field of PR, and we should strive to facilitate such connections. We have set aside a dedicated session to discuss various possibilities for continued collaboration and support within our profession. This event will serve as a stepping stone for participants to continue their discussions, foster relationships, and pave the way for exciting collaborations in the future.

Who should attend

PR professionals and communication department representatives at public institutions in SEE and relevant regional and international institutions.