Managing Public Sector Assets – A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Regional and Global Good Practices

Nov 23, 2023 Online No Fee

Public sector asset management (PSAM) is a multi-dimensional area of public management. Efficient PSAM needs a coherent set of legal, institutional, and strategic policy prerequisites for making and implementing decisions about asset acquisition, use, and disposal. It also requires a holistic approach to the development of sound practical solutions. This holistic approach should be based on, and in turn reinforce, capacity building within governments, as the competence and motivation of officials are essential for leading and achieving public sector transformation.

About this learning event

Taking a multidisciplinary look at institutional/organizational, accounting, and managerial aspects, this webinar will address global and regional challenges regarding the environment within which public sector assets are managed, including regulatory frameworks, governance models, institutional capacity to adopt planned reforms, information databases, and common standards. Renowned international and regional experts will guide participants through a selection of public sector asset management topics that are regarded as crucial in many South-East European countries, addressing legal, institutional, and political conditions for developing an overarching ownership policy and strengthening organizational responsibilities. Property valuation issues will be specifically addressed. So will public investment and asset management for the digital and green transitions, with a particular focus on ensuring the quality and sustainability of public services.

The webinar will be delivered as part of the 2022-24 Efficient Public Sector Asset Management (EPSAM) Program. The Program’s goals are to improve awareness and knowledge of public sector asset management as an integral part of public sector reforms and to create a network of professionals who can become a driving force in this process, both within CEF’s constituency countries and beyond.

What will you learn

In this webinar, we will:

  • Discuss the main challenges facing public sector fixed asset management in South-East Europe and worldwide, including: demands for sustainability and calls for efficiency; legal, institutional, and strategic policy requirements to support the reforms; capacity building to plan, implement, and sustain reforms.  
  • Outline selected country efforts to introduce, implement, and sustain public sector asset management reforms.  
  • Improve awareness and knowledge of public sector asset management as an integral part of public sector governance reforms. 
  • Highlight regional experiences and further challenges in terms of identification and measurement of fixed public sector assets. 
  • Highlight the role of public sector financial management strategy in enhancing accountability for entrusted resources. 
  • Bring South-East European countries closer to international standards and good asset management practices.
  • Discuss the importance of green public investment management for supporting economic growth and ensuring the quality and sustainability of public services.  

Who should attend

The webinar targets public officials and experts responsible for managing public sector asset portfolios and engaged in the development, execution, or supervision of state asset management (reform) activities in their countries. More precisely, from CEF constituency countries, but also from countries facing similar challenges, the webinar’s target audience includes:

  • Senior officials (policy makers) at the Ministry of Finance and other line ministries engaged in public-sector fixed asset management.
  • Public sector managers and directors engaged in asset management processes, in developing and maintaining asset records, and in managing asset portfolios.
  • Public sector managers and directors engaged in the design and implementation of public sector accounting reforms.
  • Representatives of Supreme Audit Institutions.
  • Representatives of academia in the areas of public-sector management, accounting, and auditing.
  • Politicians with an interest in public sector asset management and in the green and digital transitions.

Practical information

This learning event will be delivered in the format of a webinar. The language of the webinar is English. Applications must be submitted no later than November 20, 2023. Candidates will need to be approved by CEF.
No fee will be charged for attending the webinar.

The webinar will be delivered on November 23, 2023, from 10 am to 12 noon CET. It  will consist of experts’ presentations, supplemented by a short survey administered during the webinar and followed by an in-session discussion. The webinar will involve up to four speakers. Participants are encouraged to participate actively by contributing to the debates and sharing country experiences.


•    Gorana Roje, Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets, Croatia; CEF Associate Fellow
•    Eugenio Anessi-Pessina, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy 
•    Kai Kaiser, The World Bank
•    Albana Shala, Ministry of Finance, Labour and Transfer, Kosovo 


This learning initiative was supported by:

Slovenia's Development Cooperation