TIAPS ALB: Opening Ceremony

Mar 30, 2023 Tirana, Albania No Fee
Feb 28, 2023 CEF Governance and Outreach, Auditing

About this learning event

The opening ceremony for the TIAPS Albania project, scheduled to be implemented in 2023-2024, will serve as a platform to promote the project and generate awareness about its goals and objectives. The ceremony will offer an excellent opportunity to discuss auditing reforms in Albania in line with the EU requirements, international standards, and best practices from around the world. The implementation of the TIAPS Albania project is expected is to provide competencies and skills that will strengthen the capacities of Albanian public sector internal auditors in support of Albanian Public Internal Financial Control (PIFC) reforms in the field of the internal audit through institutional and individual empowerment.

Who should attend

 TIAPS Albania students, local tutors, international experts, stakeholders, government officials, and representatives from various donor organizations. 


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Slovenia Ministry of Finance, Slovenia SIGMA - OECD
Ministry of Finance and Economy, Albania CIPFA