TIAPS ALB: Training of Trainers on Module 1 - Audit and Assurance

Mar 28 – 29, 2023 Tirana, Albania No Fee

About this learning event

The training of local tutors is an essential step towards building sustainable local capacities for the independent conduct of the TIAPS Albania project in the future. This training program aims to equip local tutors with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively teach and train TIAPS students in this field.

By providing this training, the goal is to create a network of qualified local tutors who can deliver high-quality training to internal auditors in the public sector in Albania. These tutors will not only have the ability to deliver effective training programs, but they will also be able to adapt and customize the training to meet the specific needs of the Albanian context.

This approach to training is critical for building a sustainable and self-sufficient community of professionals in the field of audit and assurance. It is essential to have local experts who can train and develop the skills of others in the same field, ensuring that knowledge and expertise are not concentrated in a single location.

The training of tutors is a two-day program that includes both theoretical and practical components. It covers all the topics covered in Module 1 Audit and Assurance along with instructional design and assessment techniques.

Upon completion of the training, local tutors will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver effective and engaging training programs in Module 1 audit and assurance. This will not only benefit the local capacities but will also contribute to the overall development of the audit profession in Albania.

Who should attend

Local tutors selected for Module 1 Audit and Assurance.


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Slovenia Ministry of Finance Slovenia SIGMA - OECD
Ministry of Finance and Economy, Albania CIPFA