CEF Forum 2024: Strengthening the Governance of Skills to Retain Talent

Jun 13, 2024 Moldova No Fee

About this learning event

Strong institutions are a prerequisite for strong economies and fair societies. Accelerating technologies and economic uncertainty are pushing public institutions under high pressure to adapt and change. Climate changes, public distrust, geopolitical instability, demographic consequences, high staff turnover, and limited knowledge retention within institutions are putting demands on institutions on how they deliver on their mandates. They need to exploit existing practices and explore new ones to thrive in the world we know today. Leaders need to stand up collectively and support their teams and staff to acquire critical capabilities that enable them to work effectively and efficiently in a complex world. We aim for institutions to embark on a journey to become learning organizations to rebuild trust, optimism, and resilience in societies.

During the forum, leaders of South East Europe (SEE) will highlight the importance of effective skill systems for supporting and retaining talented individuals. We will reflect on why effective governance arrangements support work performance, and why becoming a learning organization is essential for organizational maturity and growth. We will emphasize the importance of strategic institutional capacity development, organizational culture supporting learning and knowledge sharing, leadership skills, and knowledge management as mechanisms to retain talented individuals in institutions. Organizations need to determine policies and practices that will address external and internal demands and needs.

Leaders of South East Europe will:

  • discuss knowledge and skills institutions require to deliver on their mandates
  • examine the importance of a systematic and structured approach to institutional capacity development
  • review possible outcomes of investment into institutional talent development
  • exchange regional practices by showcasing good results and lessons learned (e.g. NBM LearnOrgLab and WeLead projects*)
  • engage in future steps of development

Forum Agenda

  • Introduction and framing
    Welcome and introduction
    Social and economic challenges in SEE
    Institutional capacity development in SEE: highlights from CEF high-level meetings
    Talent management in public institutions: a pathway from research highlights*
  • Open discussion and shared practices
    NBM LearnOrgLab: Development of internal capacity for reinforcing leadership skills across departments
    Strong team supporting institutional readiness for change and decision making: Story of Croatia
    NBM LearnOrgLab: Establishment of internal knowledge management and training function
  • Forum highlights and conclusions

Who should attend

Governors, ministers, state secretaries, and secretary-generals will be invited to join.


*The “WeLead: EU Scheme for Young Professionals in the Western Balkans” project is an EU-funded multi-beneficiary project, implemented by CEF. The CEF Forum is delivered as part of the National Bank of Moldova–Institutional Transformation into a Learning Organization (NBM LearnOrgLab) project implemented by the CEF and NBM, and financially supported by:

Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Slovenia's Development Cooperation Ministry of Finance, Slovenia