Improved Facilitation of Offline and Online Learning

Apr 4 – 5, 2024 Online and Moldova No Fee
Mar 28, 2024 Learning and Knowledge Ecosystems

About this learning event

This event will be delivered by TIGERS from the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands. LIONs — the internal trainers and facilitators from the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) will explore how to design effective learning methodologies and tools applicable to the offline and online environment. We will focus on the design before, during and after learning sessions. By using diverse learning methodologies and practical exercises, we will explore how to design an online flow by using online tools. We will discuss approaches to the successful implementation of online learning events.

The event will maximize results from the training-of-trainers (ToTs) delivered in June and October 2023 and other learning initiatives delivered in the NBM LearnOrgLab project that have been focused on strengthening individual capacities for learning and knowledge sharing, and better understanding of learning organization principles.

The participants will:

  • present takeaways from the previous ToTs 
  • demonstrate learning needs assessment methods
  • practice intervention and improvisation as learning methods
  • associate with new evaluation techniques
  • get acquainted with the design of online flow and tools
  • practice techniques of cooperation and interaction with experts online 
  • reflect on how to promote the LIONs within the NBM

Who should attend

This learning initiative has been designed for LIONs — internal trainers and facilitators of the National Bank of Moldova.


  • Milo de Mol, TIGERs coordinator, Ministry of Finance, Netherlands
  • Matthias Fabriek, Ministry of Finance, Netherlands
  • Larissa Brandenburg, Ministry of Finance, Netherlands


This event is delivered as part of the National Bank of Moldova–Institutional Transformation into a Learning Organization (NBM LearnOrgLab) project implemented by the CEF and supported by:

Slovenia's Development Cooperation Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Ministry of Finance Slovenia