Managerial Accountability for Performance Budgeting

Sep 24, 2024 , Online Webinar
Oct 1, 2024 , Online Webinar
Oct 8 – 10, 2024 , Ljubljana, Slovenia Workshop
Sep 13, 2024 Fiscal Policy Making, Auditing

About this learning event

The key element of performance budgeting (PB) is a program structure that also includes a connection to the program manager. At this event, we will explore how the implementation of PB can be made more effective and efficient when managerial accountability is clearly defined. We will discuss how a central harmonization unit and a budget department of a ministry of finance can strengthen their cooperation and information exchange. We will address practical issues related to improving the efficiency of financial management control, measuring the results, reporting on program implementation, and accountability arrangements between ministries and their subordinated entities. Participants will also benefit from the exchange of knowledge acquired by countries that have advanced experiences in this field, as well as those that are in the initial stages of adopting PB.

Participants of this blended learning activity will participate in two highly-interactive and participatory webinars focused on key principles of performance budgeting and managerial accountability and its interconnections. Additionally, the workshop will equip participants with a thorough understanding of performance budgeting, enhance their managerial and analytical skills, and foster a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange and practical application.

During this course, you will:

  • Identify and describe the key principles and structures of performance budgeting, including the relationship between program structures and program managers
  • Explore appropriate strategies to define and improve managerial accountability within performance budgeting systems
  • Examine and develop methods to enhance cooperation and information exchange between central harmonization units and budget departments
  • Assess and address practical issues in financial management control, result measurement, and program implementation reporting to enhance efficiency and accountability
  • Integrate and adapt best practices from countries with advanced performance budgeting systems to the local context, improving implementation and outcomes

Target audience

Public sector officials working in central harmonization units and budget departments of ministries of finance and officials from finance departments at line ministries


  • Experts from the Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
  • Experts from the Ministry of Finance, Slovakia
  • Regional experts


This learning initiative is supported by:

Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Ministry of Finance Slovenia

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