Fiscal Policy Making

We facilitate learning on how to use government spending and revenue collection, i.e. various fiscal policy options, to influence an economy. To support our constituency in establishing well-functioning medium-term fiscal frameworks, we offer insights into the innovative mechanisms and tools for budget management that foster fiscal rules, risks mitigation, transparency and responsibility principles for all PFM actors. We also address approaches for effective management and control of all funding sources of public expenditures - domestic (e.g. tax & revenue collection) and external (e.g. donor support), while also challenging them in light of varying debt management strategies.

Topic lead

Tara Poje

Officer, Learning Program


2024 Highlights


Building upon the conclusions from a close and intensive cooperation over the previous years, in 2024 we continue with providing support to the process of Economic Reform Program (ERP) preparation across the Western Balkans and Turkiye, in its new cycle for 2024-2026. In particular we will focus on aligning the ERP preparation process with the strategic planning of structural reforms. We will provide an overview of practices that proved to be useful for prioritization and sequencing of structural reforms. We will also continue strengthening capacities to cost and budget structural reforms outlined in the ERP. In that respect, discussions will be expanded to the prospects and need for utilization of IPA funds in funding structural reforms outlined in ERP.